Education is our future.
Film is its language.

We know schools, teachers and students all LOVE Making Fantastic Short Films. But we also know that many schools have limited budgets and resources. You can help by sponsoring a school -- by ordering one or more copies on their behalf. In some cases, it's even TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Some reasons to sponsor a school:

  • Your child's school doesn't have the budget at the moment
  • You know a teacher who would love this resource
  • Your company wants to help local schools or the community
  • You would like to help smaller or disadvantaged schools
  • You understand the importance of film for our children's future

We have a database of schools who are already using Making Fantastic Short Films, and the number of copies they have. We generally consider the following to be appropriate numbers for schools:

School size
(# of students)

(Less than 50)

Ideal # of copies:
1 - 2
3 - 5
5 - 15

If you order a copy for a school that already has the minimum recommended number of copies, we will send your sponsored copy to a smaller school, or one without sufficient resources to order MFSF, as per your instructions.

Or, to find out if the school you'd like to sponsor already has enough copies, simply email us at mfsf@embryo-films.com with the subject "IS THIS SCHOOL SPONSORED?" and let us know the name of the school you'd like to sponsor. We will generally reply within 2 business days.

How to Sponsor a School

Simply visit the ordering information pages for the country you're in, and order as instructed (Click here for Australia or click here for New Zealand), and write "SPONSORED COPY" anywhere on the invoice or within your fax or email. (Please note that sponsored copies can not be ordered by Purchase Order.)

We will include with your copy of MFSF a cover letter indicating that this copy has been sponsored by you or your company. And we will forward the invoice to you separately, which you can present to your accountant to determine whether your sponsorship can be tax deductible for you.

And THANKS for making a tangible and life-changing contribution to the next generation!


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