Help your students learn to be "Creators of Film" the fun and easy way!

With recent changes to the NSW English curriculum, students are required to be both creators of and responders to film. Many teachers have felt challenged by this requirement.

MAKING FANTASTIC SHORT FILMS was designed to solve this problem the FUN and EASY way... and be suitable to ANY English, Drama, or Media Studies class anywhere.

Conceived and written by an award-winning screenwriter who herself is an English Teacher, and produced and directed by an award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author, MAKING FANTASTIC SHORT FILMS covers the entire process of short filmmaking:

  • An Overview of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production
  • Creating the Story
  • Writing the Script
  • Breaking Down the Script
  • Drawing Up the Storyboards
  • Preparing the Shoot
  • Shooting the Film
  • Editing the Rough Cut
  • Completing the Final Cut
  • Watching the Finished Film

Students work to their strengths in a team environment, and can even submit completed films to an online celebration of their work!

With 70 minutes of video, 22 minutes of bonus material, and 47 pages of course material, Making Fantastic Short Films is a complete solution!


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