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MFSF was designed to be a complete course for primary and secondary schools, but the DVD is a fantastic introduction to filmmaking for anyone.

The new At-Home DVD version of Making Fantastic Short Films will be available soon. Students, film enthusiasts, and would-be filmmakers eager to make their short film to submit to the myriad of festivals now available world wide will love this informative resource.

You'll learn:

  • An Overview of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production
  • Creating the Story
  • Writing the Script
  • Breaking Down the Script
  • Drawing Up the Storyboards
  • Preparing the Shoot
  • Shooting the Film
  • Editing the Rough Cut
  • Completing the Final Cut
  • Watching the Finished Film

Designed for kids and teenagers, ages 10 - 18, anyone of any age that's new to film and interested in filmmaking will love this DVD.

The recommended retail price is $49.95 Australian (including GST). But if you join the PRE-ORDER LIST, you'll get one of the very first copies for half price! Just $24.95 (including GST).

But be sure to join the PRE-ORDER LIST today, because once this product is released, this offer will be removed. Simply email mfsf@embryo-films.com with the subject "PRE-ORDER LIST", and include your contact details. We'll contact you as soon as it's ready for release.


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