A Complete, Step-by-Step Approach to Creating Short Films in the Classroom!

TEACHERS: Take your students through the exciting process of making their very own short film! They'll learn valuable skills, meet curriculum requirements AND have fun at the same time! It's the one class they'll remember for a lifetime, and it's perfect for ANY class in ANY subject!


MAKING FANTASTIC SHORT FILMS is a complete solution that includes:

  • a 70-minute DVD with:
    • 9 chapters/video lessons (you'll show a 5-10 minute video each class) that take your students through the entire process of making a short film
  • Complete teacher materials including:
    • Lesson plans and guides
    • Background info for teachers with no prior knowledge
    • Tips and ideas on how to use it!
  • Student handouts, including:
    • Exercises, worksheets, and assignments for students
    • Tips, tricks and resources
  • Bonus Material:
    • 22 minutes of raw materials (footage, outtakes, music, voice and sound effects) that enable students to practice editing techniques by recreating the short film made on the video

And for teachers, it's a FANTASTIC tool:

  • Meets several state (Australia) and national (NZ) curriculum standards in English, Media Studies and drama departments
  • Perfect for ANY class in ANY subject... in any secondary OR primary school
  • Requires NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE from the teacher OR the students
  • Presented as a 5-week course, but flexible to your schedule
  • Designed with minimal technical requirements in mind
  • Students learn from students -- keeping their interest high!

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