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[ 31 December 2005 ]

THE END of An Era: "6,000 Miles" is Laid to Rest

As 2005 draws to a close, we look back at this project that has been trailing us over the past 8 years. And we've finally come to a conclusion that is pretty much inescapable.

We haven't had many updates on this site (the last one was July 2004), and the reason is simply that nothing has happened since then.

Here's the problem: 6,000 Miles from Hollywood was a film for its time. But its time was 1998. Before The Blair Witch Project. Before DV and mini-DV and HDV changed independent filmmaking forever. Way back when even a mediocre offline editing system cost tens of thousands of dollars. Back when it was still economically feasible to shoot on film and cut on a flatbed (!).

In a nutshell, it was a different era. And it takes a project like ours to really appreciate the difference 8 years can make.

So, after much deliberation, we have decided that even though we are very proud of this film, even though we have put countless hours and days and weeks and months and years into it, ITS TIME HAS PASSED.

High performance machine...If it were released today, we question whether 6,000 Miles would be relevant to an audience. The tools the characters use to make their film are not the same tools they would use today. The motivations of the characters in the film are different to what their motivations would be today. Heck, even the Flash intro on this website was dazzling when it was first created -- now it's nothing special at all.

In 2006, too much has changed.

It's time to acknowledge that 6,000 Miles missed its window of opportunity. Unfortunately, it's not even "1998" enough to be a period piece. (When creating a period piece, you highlight the specifics of the era -- clothes, cars, music, etc -- which you don't know to do when you're making a contemporary film. That kind of thing is only visible in hindsight.)

Two young filmmakers poured every ounce of their hearts and souls into this project over many years, and emerged somewhat battle-scarred from the experience.

But it's an experience we wouldn't change for the world.

We have grown, evolved, and advanced in ways that are beyond description. Billy has built one of Sydney's most renowned acting schools. Jeff has become one of Australia's most respected screenwriting teachers. And neither would have been possible without the lessons we learned through the making of 6,000 Miles from Holllywood.

But our skills have moved past what this film reflects. It's like looking at photos from your childhood. You're proud of them, but they're not what you are today.

6,000 Miles from Hollywood still needs considerable post-production work before it is completed. And the film it would be simply doesn't justify the expense, unfortunately. But more importantly, it doesn't justify the time -- time which would be better spent on new projects, new adventures, new films.

Is 6,000 Miles dead? Probably not. There's a part of us that needs it completed, for our own sanity (can you say "closure"?), and one day, possibly even one day soon, we will complete it (even if only to DVD). We have also considered updating the script and remaking it on a larger scale.

But for the time being, we have put 6,000 Miles from Hollywood to rest.

We appreciate all the good wishes and words of encouragement from everyone over the years, and we would especially like to thank our fantastic cast and crew for everything they have done.

And now that we have put this project to the side, we can finally put all our focus into new projects that reflect who and what we are today. We are very excited about 2006, and look forward to an amazing and productive year.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

-- The Producers of
"6,000 Miles from Hollywood"



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