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This is the story of David Elder, an out-of-work actor in Hollywood, whose life is going nowhere. When an Dave is impressed by right-hand drive vehicles.old friend from Sydney (nicknamed "Spy") presents him with the lead role in a million-dollar movie, it’s just the opportunity Dave's been waiting for.

Selling everything he owns, Dave moves to Australia, eager to start his new life as a "movie star." Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned.

For starters, the "mansion on the beach" Spy promised, turns out to be a dump. Then Spy’s investor dies, and Dave learns that the "million-dollar movie" is really a "no-budget" movie being made in Spy's garage.

The only thing that keeps Dave from going back home is Kylie, Spy’s lead actress, who Spy, Kylie and Dave -- crammed into the front seat of the GTHO.has taken a liking to Dave. But she thinks he’s a big celebrity from America, and Spy insists that Dave maintain the illusion, to keep the project alive.

As Dave and Spy try to get their no-budget film funded (and con everyone they come in contact with), everything begins to fall apart. Kylie discovers the lie, and David is confronted with a choice between the girl he loves, and the fame he desires.

This is a simple and honest character-driven comedy about finding the courage to stand up and be whoever it is you really are.

Until you do, you’ll always be

6,000 Miles from Hollywood



Estimated running time: 85 minutes

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Budget: "Under a million"

Shooting America in Sydney.Specs: 16mm color Fuji film negative
  for 35mm blowup.  Multi-track digital
  stereo, with M&E mix available.

Company: Aussywood Pictures,
  in association with Embryo Films.

Shot on location in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Anticipated Rating: M (Aus/NZ), PG-13 (US)


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story and synopsis copyright 1997-2003 by Jeff Bollow
film copyright 1998-2003 by Aussywood Pictures and Embryo Films
All worldwide rights reserved.


copyright 1999 - 2005 by Aussywood Pictures and Embryo Films.