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Embryo Films was an award-winning independent feature film and television production and script development company based in Sydney, Australia.

We formed to produce a film in 1999.
We launched Screenplay.com.au in 2002.
We published Writing FAST in 2004.
We released "Making Fantastic Short Films" in 2006.
We began building FAST Screenplay in 2009.
We introduced our "YouTube Channel" in 2012.

We completed FAST Screenplay in 2015.
We dropped FAST Story Development in 2016.

We created SuccessStory Dynamics in 2016.
We added the MasterMindô Series in 2017.

We developed the Writer's Room in 2018.
We moved and became Planet B Studios in 2019.

We're always on the lookout for feature film screenplays that we can produce, but you MUST follow the guidelines. Click here to learn how to submit your screenplay.

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